1-1 Women’s Mindful-Empowerment Mentoring

Craving more Mindful Empowerment with Shonda?


You’re in luck! Here’s what to expect:

  • Monthly calls and emails (See 1, 3, or 6-month options below)

  • Individualized, personalized attention

  • A deep dive into your unique situation and needs

  • Collaborative crafting of a balanced, empowered life

  • Laser-focused value-driven goal setting

  • Personalized weekly 5-minute mindful empowerment plan

  • Ongoing accountability

What is mentoring?

1-1 Mindful Empowerment Mentoring is a fluid, evidence-based combination of education, coaching, guidance, mindset shifts, confidence-boosting, goal-setting, and accountability. Though I do incorporate mindfulness-based therapy tools and draw on my 20+ years in private psychotherapy practice, mentoring is not therapy.


 Interested? Let’s hop on a FREE 15-minute call and talk!

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3 calls & 3 emails



9 calls & 12 emails



18 calls & 30 emails


Calls last up to 60-minutes


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