Success Stories

I’m so happy to introduce you to a few Founding Members as they share what has most impacted them about The BEA HIVE: 

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Kristin Kane Ford, Director of Social Media and Marketing, KP Social Media 

"I most appreciate the accountability The BEA HIVE provides. The mix of relatable, practical content keeps the mindful breaks top-of-mind and is a breath of fresh air. I love that the Mindful Empowerment Pep Talk videos are bite-sized and self-paced. I look forward to our monthly Zoom calls where hearing others’ journeys impacts my own life and changes me for the better."

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Gina Sodl, Consultant

"As an empty-nester working from home, my days are already pretty calm. The BEA HIVE has most helped with my thought patterns and self-awareness—instead of staying stuck repeatedly rehashing past conversations, I am more able to come back to the present moment and focus on what is most important."

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Maureen Wendling, Executive Director, Shanthi Project

"Starting with a solid mindfulness foundation, The BEA HIVE has helped me sustain my practice with the relatable mindful breaks. I have felt supported by my connection with other members, which has been especially valuable during these stressful, uncertain times. The BEA HIVE reminds me to take time for myself and that my voice matters."

Larissa Noto, Yoga and Wellness Educator/Trainer, Lawyer, Professor & Special Needs Advocate 

“I find BEA HIVE to be very supportive and necessary to help identify and sit with emotions, feelings that are coming up during this very uncertain time! I need the weekly meditations! And I find the worksheets/follow-up questions (call to action!) help to reinforce the importance of meditation and allow us to reflect on our practice. I also love support from the fellow members of the BEA Hive—-there is so much connection and community among the members and it’s so refreshing! There’s a lot of positivity, motivation, and empowerment  - you honestly don’t always get that in groups of women."

Kristy Loesel, SAHM and Military Spouse

"I signed up for the BEA HIVE because I wanted more resources and research and, although I am in what so many others called a tough mothering season, I still want intellectual pursuits and feel like I can be more. The BEA HIVE corresponds to much of the digging I've been doing. Overall, I feel more positive. I'm learning so much about slowing down and being uncomfortable with the unknown. I look forward to the videos and worksheets. You make it easy to digest and applicable for daily life."

 Fans of BREATHE EMPOWER ACHIEVE chimed in, too:


"I love Breathe, Empower, Achieve because the mindful breaks are short and not intimidating. These are realistic exercises I can actually do as a working parent! When I'm in a self-care rut, I flip through the book and I’m always inspired by something new. My favorite breaks are the Desk Body Scan and the Mindful Coffee Break. This book has helped me be more present, less stressed, and to see things more clearly."

Kristi Yeh, LMFT @parentselfcare



"I appreciate the short chapters in which you dive right into substance. I don’t like, or have time for, fluff. Your combination of facts and stories is a good and welcome balance. Taking a few minutes of each day to stop, breathe, and read a section of your book (I open to random chapters) either morning or night is a way to disconnect from our chaotic world and reset my mind for the day or before resting."

Kim Davis, Small Business & Professional Development Consultant



"I have read a lot about the “mental load” that moms carry and I am trying to do a better job carrying that. It is so helpful to realize that we women are in this together, facing the same challenges, even though our journeys may look different. When I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I have learned to acknowledge it, focus on the positives, take time to refocus, and then determine how to solve the problem. I love that the mindful breaks are short, quick to read, and easy to squeeze into my workday."

Lisa Luciano, Bank Vice President and mom of two boys


"My favorite mindful break is Coffee! I often actually hold my breath most of the day and your book is a great reminder to breathe. The breaks are so simple—I can read just 5-minutes at a time versus feeling the pressure and overwhelm of a whole book at once."

Lynn Mull, Corporate Exec and Coach


 "I love the personal anecdotes and that the mindful breaks are easily adaptable, digestible, and well-organized. I have learned to cope much better with external stressors and feel more in control of my reactions. My favorite breaks are The Commute, Waiting, and Oxygen. The Desk Body Scan has helped me relax more while wearing a mask daily at work."

Casey O’Neil, Pediatric Physical Therapist



Thank you, thank you to all of the empowered women who have taken the time to share their BEA Success Stories with us. You inspire me!