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Women's Midlife Wellness

Psychotherapist. Author. Educator. 

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   Let's get you back on track.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a midlife high-achiever not feeling like yourself.

  • You were never overwhelmed by the busyness until now.

  • You still want to play big but are tapped out and exhausted.

  • You are feeling like life is in control of you instead of the other way around.

  • You have always been able to figure it out but lately are stuck and unsure.

  • You are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. 

  • You are finding it impossible to cope and function like you used to.

  • You are wondering if perimenopause is to blame but don’t have the time (or energy) to wade through all of the conflicting information and advice.


You have way too much to offer the world

to be stifled by perimenopause.

What if instead:

  • You were provided real answers and solutions.

  • You received the most vital, up-to-date, research-backed perimenopause intel.

  • You were taught strategies to help you cope, advocate for yourself, and feel back in control.

  • You rediscovered your energy, focus, motivation, and power.

  • You redefined what playing big means for you now.

  • You felt supported, empowered, and held accountable by likeminded women who get it.

  • You started to feel like your amazing self again (maybe even better ;)). 

Well, I've got you.

I help high-achievers get back in control and

feel like themselves again during perimenopause.

Midlife is messy.   Menopause is hard.
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