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Women's Midlife Wellness

Psychotherapist. Author. Educator. 

If you are...

  • A midlife female who is tapped out

  • Feeling anxious , stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed

  • Like life is in control of you rather than the other way around

  • Struggling with how to make time for yourself and what really matters

  • Feeling like you are meant for, and want, more

  • Ready for some soul-searching and sustainable life balance

You're in the right place.

I believe:

  • Midlife is hard, messy, complicated AND beautiful, fun, and purposeful.

  • High-performing females run the world (in spite of the patriarchy).

  • We absolutely can play big without burning out.

  • Life balance is not just possible, but optimal.

  • 5-minute daily habits are unassumingly powerful and effective.

Shonda Moralis on a bike

I help ambitious women navigate the physical, emotional, and psychological complexities of midlife and perimenopause.

Midlife is messy.   Menopause is hard.
It’s time to feel like yourself again.
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