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Integrating ambition and ease in perimenopause 


7-week live, virtual group program.

Unique blend of research-backed education, accountability, community and support.


For high-achieving midlife women struggling with perimenopause, stress, and overwhelm.


Get the information and support it took me years to wade through and figure out on my own. 

Get back on track and feel like yourself again.



FALL 2024:  Tuesday Sept 17 - Oct 29   11:30am-1p EST  


COST: $299.  

Corina, Age 46

Before joining Shonda’s program, I was feeling frustrated and exhausted from all the conflicting perimenopause information. Shonda gave me a place to express my concerns and access the tools I needed to feel good again. The group format gave me a boost because I felt like I wasn’t alone on this journey. I have more energy and a plan for nurturing my mind and body in a way that works for me. Every woman navigating perimenopause needs Shonda’s program!
  • Gain a clear understanding of perimenopause

  • Regain your balance, energy, and focus

  • Restore confidence and motivation

  • Embrace this new phase of life

  • Create a strategic plan for thriving

  • Be part of like-minded community

  • Feel like yourself again (maybe even better)

Questions? Not sure if Reclaim is for you?


1. I don’t feel like myself

Perimenopause: Stages, symptoms, and hormones

Evidence-based treatment options and advocating for care


2. Whose body is this?

Research-backed exercise and nutrition

Sleep, energy, and body composition changes


3. It’s time to get back on track

The stress response in perimenopause

Foundational healthy habits and coping strategies


4. Mindset really does matter

Addressing worry and anxiety

Rediscovering your power and restoring self-confidence

Desire and sex


5. Who am I becoming?

Body acceptance

Transitions, empty nest, relationships, shifting responsibilities


6. If not now, when?

Fun, play, joy, awe, permission, addressing guilt

Building community


7. Feeling like myself again (a new iteration)

Integrating ambition and ease

Career, purpose, identity, mentorship, what’s possible

Solidifying your personalized plan and staying the course

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