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1-1 Midlife Mentoring

If you are:

On the verge of burnout.

Wrestling with midlife transitions.

Tired of keeping everything, and everyone, afloat.

Struggling with (peri)menopause.

And ready to:

Shake things up.

Take back control of your life.

Do some soul-searching

Create sustainable healthy habits.



I can help.  

Together we’ll take a deep dive into your unique situation—

what’s working (and not), values, vision, goals, priorities,

and restructuring the balance in a way

that’s fun, simple, and intentional.

Let's get you back in the driver's seat so you can head into the next phase of your life re-energized and excited for what's next.

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Areas of focus: 

  • Navigating the physical, emotional, and psychological complexities of midlife.

  • Clarifying priorities, time, values, goals, and vision

  • Healthier life/work balance and burnout prevention

  • Mindset shifts in confidence, self-doubt

  • Setting boundaries, saying no, ditching guilt, and delegating

  • Improving relationships and communication

  • Establishing mindfulness habits to boost calmness, creativity, and productivity


Investing in your future self reaps far-reaching rewards—

you will be happier, more at ease and energized, and excited for what’s next.

Family and work can’t help but benefit from the contagious trickle-down effect, as well. 

Wondering if 1-1 Midlife Mentoring or Psychotherapy is for you?

Reach out and let's talk. I'd love to meet you!

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Virtual mentoring

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