1-1 Life Balance Coaching for Working Moms

If you are:

A high-achieving working mom who is just plain tapped out 

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, overwhelmed…

Or like life is in control of you rather than the other way around 

Ready to do some soul-searching and create sustainable, healthy habits...


I’d love to help you get back in the driver’s seat, play big without burning out, recalibrate balance, re-energize, and enjoy the process along the way!


In order to feel more in control of our lives, we actually need to relinquish some control. Counter-intuitive, I know. It’s all about strategy and balance.


Together we’ll take a deep dive into your unique situation—what’s working and what’s not, values, vision, goals, priorities, and restructuring the balance in a way that’s fun, simple, and strategic.


Areas of focus might include: 

  • Clarifying priorities, time, values, goals, vision for self and family

  • Healthier life/work balance and burnout prevention

  • Mindset shifts in confidence, self-doubt

  • Setting boundaries, saying no, ditching guilt, and delegating

  • Developing your SIP (Signature Impact Project) to inspire, engage, energize

  • Improving relationships and communication

  • Establishing mindfulness habits to boost calmness, creativity, and productivity


Investing in your future self reaps far-reaching rewards—you will be happier, more at ease and energized, and excited for what’s next. Family and work can’t help but benefit from the contagious trickle-down effect, as well. 


ROI (return on investment) = priceless. 

If you’re ready to become more energized, focused, and calm(ish), let’s chat about how we can make it happen together. Interested? Let’s hop on a FREE 20-minute call and talk!

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for FIVE 1-on-1

60 min calls

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