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Shonda is a professional keynote speaker and trainer, praised for her

  • Evidence-based, actionable information 

  • Relatable, illustrative story-telling

  • Engaging presentation style

She has presented for Olympus Corporation of the Americas, Sodexo, UPS Women's Leadership, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Barre3, Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Office of the Federal Public Defender Harrisburg, Prof Assoc of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM), NAIBA (New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Organization), Bucks County Book Festival, EvolveHer Conference, and more.


Keep Playing Big Without Burning Out:

For High-Achievers Navigating Midlife and Perimenopause


  • Myths, facts, and features of midlife and perimenopause

  • How to interrupt the stress response and access calm

  • Tools to navigate the mental, physical, and emotional challenges

  • How to recalibrate habits for health and happiness

  • Strategies to integrate ambition and ease in this complex phase of life

Life Balance for Busy People:

Evidence-based Strategies for Sustainable Success

  • How stress impacts our health, behaviors, and work performance

  • Simple evidence-based strategies to manage stress and overwhelm

  • Tools to increase efficiency, productivity, and innovation

  • How to respond more skillfully in stressful situations

  • Ways to create more sustainable work-life balance

  • Quick methods to boost energy and happiness


Losing My Mind(fulness): 
5-Minutes Sanity Savers for Busy Moms


  • Stress-reduction practices easily incorporated into a full life

  • Sustainable healthy habits and how to recalibrate balance

  • Tools to boost energy, efficiency, and sense of ease

  • To respond more skillfully to meltdowns 

  • To notice and savor more of the beautiful moments



Shonda has an amazing knack to both excite and calm an entire room of overworked faculty and staff with an evidence based, mindful workshop. She gave us the skills to feel confident during a stressful school year, as well as practical knowledge that both informed and calmed anxieties. Shonda Moralis is a gem to work with.

Christine Storch, Kutztown University


Shonda really opened our eyes to the benefits of mindfulness and provided tips to fit it in a few minutes every day. It was a fun, interactive, and engaging virtual event that garnered positive feedback from many. Everyone can benefit from these tools. They are life changing. Thank you Shonda for making it so easy to fit into our busy and hectic schedules!

Beth A Sprunk, Manager, Global Healthcare Solutions, Customer Solutions, UPS Women’s Leadership Development

Shonda helped us all to realize the importance of practicing mindfulness, taking breaks, and paying attention to our surroundings with curiosity and kindness; otherwise, we would continue to run on a hamster wheel or be on automatic pilot. Our group especially liked the interactive style she offered on Zoom. Everyone left the session feeling calm and ready to finish their workday feeling more balanced. Thank you for sharing your knowledge while entertaining us with deep thoughts and positive energy. I got so many compliments about your presentation. You were so informative and helpful, and we really enjoyed having you!

Alli Lipson, Sapphire K12 Software



Programs tailored to fit your group’s needs. 

Mindfulness is the opposite of running on automatic pilot; it is increased awareness of thoughts so that we can choose our responses in situations rather than merely reacting out of habit. Not only stress reduction, mindfulness trains the capacity of mind not often receiving attention.


Mindful leadership teaches a way to be efficient, productive, and innovative without burnout and exhaustion, thereby offering an overall leadership edge. 


Research indicates mindfulness practice leads to decreased employee sick time; decrease in reported stress levels and increase in overall sense of wellbeing; increase in creativity, innovation, and collaboration; and a more positive work environment with happier, more engaged employees.


Companies with mindfulness programs: Google, Eileen Fisher, Harvard, Aetna, General Mills, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemicals.

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