Shonda Moralis is a professional keynote speaker and trainer, praised for her

  • Evidence-based, actionable information 

  • Relatable, illustrative story-telling

  • Engaging presentation style

She has presented for Olympus Corporation of the Americas, Sodexo, UPS Women's Leadership, Lehigh Valley International Airport, Barre3, Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Office of the Federal Public Defender Harrisburg, Prof Assoc of Healthcare Office Management (PAHCOM), NAIBA (New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Organization), Bucks County Book Festival, EvolveHer Conference, and more!


Unleashing Our Superpowers:

Breathe, Empower, Achieve in 5-Minutes a Day

  • Why we need to step off the hamster wheel

  • How to unleash mindfulness as a superpower

  • How to form a daily habit

  • 3 types of evidence-based mindful breaks:

  • Breathe practices (encourage calm and awareness)

  • Empower (boost confidence and courage)

  • Achieve (create balance and success)

  • Ways to be efficient, productive, and innovative without burnout and exhaustion

  • How to be more in control of responses to stressful situations

  • How to play bigger and ramp up happiness


Losing My Mind(fulness): 
How to Regain Sanity in Parenthood in 5-Minutes a Day 


  • Stress-reduction practices easily incorporated into a busy life

  • How to practice with kids

  • Ways to stay more calm and aware throughout the day

  • How to be more in control of responses to meltdowns and tantrums

  • How to savor the beautiful moments

Belly Full or Mindful: 
Adventures in Mindful Eating


  • The six steps of mindful eating

  • How to identify unhealthy eating triggers 

  • Various coping strategies

  • How to cope with unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior affecting eating

  • How to use your inner compass to guide you on a lifelong path of mindful eating

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Mindfulness is the opposite of running on automatic pilot; it is increased awareness of thoughts so that we can choose our responses in situations rather than merely reacting out of habit. Not only stress reduction, mindfulness trains the capacity of mind not often receiving attention.


Mindful leadership teaches a way to be efficient, productive, and innovative without burnout and exhaustion, thereby offering an overall leadership edge. The four fundamentals of mindful leadership are clarity, focus, creativity, and compassion (Marturano).


Research indicates mindfulness practice leads to decreased employee sick time; decrease in reported stress levels and increase in overall sense of wellbeing; increase in creativity, innovation, and collaboration; and a more positive work environment with happier, more engaged employees.


Companies with mindfulness programs: Google, Eileen Fisher, Harvard, Aetna, General Mills, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemicals.) 

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