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Breathe Mama Breathe


Raise good kids 

without losing yourself.


(Life balance in motherhood is possible.

It just looks a little messy sometimes.)

 If you are:

  • A busy mom who is tapped out

  • Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, guilty, overwhelmed

  • Like life is in control of you rather than the other way around

  • Struggling with how to make time for yourself and what really matters

  • Feeling like you are meant for, and want, more

  • Ready for some soul-searching and sustainable life balance

You’re in the right place!

I help busy moms create

simple, sustainable life balance.

I believe moms run the world

(in spite of the patriarchy)....

and that when moms thrive, children thrive,

and the whole planet wins.

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1-1 Life Balance Coaching for Busy Moms

Breathe: access calm

ban burnout

Becoming: grow in confidence, goals, & mindset

Balance: recalibrate values, priorities, & vision


Are you ready?


Have a book in you?

Curious about my book writing and publishing experience?
Fill out the form below and gain access to my video
with fellow author Jillian Eaton (and BONUS cheat sheet)! 
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