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1-1 Signature Impact Project Coaching
for Ambitious Women


Signature Impact Project (SIP)

That burning book, keynote, or workshop idea you’ve tossed around in your mind, talked about for years, or started but never finished.

Boost your impact, autonomy, and bank account by leveraging the expertise you already own as a seasoned professional.


Get the tools, strategy, and accountability you need to create your Signature Impact Project and serve more people with less time and effort.


Transform your book, podcast, or online course idea into a reality.

WHY create your own Signature Impact Project (SIP):

  • Captures your thought leadership, establishing you as an authority in your field

  • Creates a tangible legacy and opens doors

  • Boosts your impact, autonomy, and bank account

  • Enables you to serve more people with less time and effort

  • The joy of (finally!) birthing that long-gestating creative baby of yours

 Interested? Schedule a FREE 20-minute call to discuss.


What to expect with 1-1 Signature Impact Project (SIP) Coaching


Pause and Assess—Getting clear on your values and intentions to operate from a place of calm wisdom, rather than scarcity and fear.


Harness Your Expertise—What is your unique vision, area of expertise, Zone of Genius, and niche?


Designing Your Signature Impact Project (SIP)--Will it be a book, workshop, keynote? Diving deep into your topic.


Getting it Done—Breaking down the overwhelming steps into manageable micro-action steps.


Mindset Barriers—Typical creative mind drama…What to expect and how to manage it.


Staying the Course—Designing accountability, growing your network, and next steps.


BONUS: Marketing/Branding for Helping Professionals (who hate to sell/ market themselves). Platform, selling with story, social media, email lists, media.

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for FIVE 1-on-1 calls

(60-min calls)

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