The BEA HIVE is a paid online monthly membership

for ambitious women who want to:


Ditch the stress.

Play bigger.

Recalibrate the balance. 


The BEA HIVE is a supportive, empowering community that

 dives into engaging and thought-provoking topics through

monthly mindful-empowerment pep talk videos, coaching prompts, guest interviews, and live Q&As. 

Enrollment in our paid online monthly membership is rolling, baby! Fill out your application below to join other ambitious women taking control and crafting a life they love. 

Overwhelmed? Uninspired?

Running on the hamster wheel of busyness?

Constantly putting out fires?

Wondering, is this is all there is?

Craving connection with like-minded women?


If you are ready to:

Play bigger

Connect with and support other high-achieving women

Learn, be inspired, and stretch out of your comfort zone 

Create more balance in your life


Then, my friend, the BEA HIVE is for you.


Working and creating together so we can unleash our superpowers on the world.



Sign up to join our mindfulness-empowerment movement and get your free guided Basic Meditation and Coffee Mindful Break. You’ll also receive a reproducible Mindfulog to track your ongoing progress.

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