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The BEA HIVE is a paid online monthly membership

for ambitious women who want to:


Ditch the stress.

Play bigger.

Recalibrate the balance. 


The BEA HIVE is a supportive, empowering community that

 dives into engaging and thought-provoking topics through

monthly mindful-empowerment pep talk videos, coaching prompts, guest interviews, and live Q&As. 

Enrollment in our paid online monthly membership is rolling, baby! Fill out your application below to join other ambitious women taking control and crafting a life they love. 

Overwhelmed? Uninspired?

Running on the hamster wheel of busyness?

Constantly putting out fires?

Wondering, is this is all there is?

Craving connection with like-minded women?


If you are ready to:

Play bigger

Connect with and support other high-achieving women

Learn, be inspired, and stretch out of your comfort zone 

Create more balance in your life


Then, my friend, the BEA HIVE is for you.

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Image by Sarah Cervantes


Working and creating together so we can unleash our superpowers on the world.