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Reclaim your time, energy, and purpose. Rediscover who you are outside of motherhood. 


BMB (R)EV--The Self-Paced Course 

6 Content Modules 

Curriculum and worksheets. 

(Valued at $3000.)

Your Investment: $297.


6 Content Modules 

Curriculum and worksheets. 

(Valued at $3000.) 


BMB (R)evolution Community 

Private Facebook Group, support, and networking. 

(Valued at $1000.)

Weekly Group Mentor Calls with Shonda 

Live and recorded for your convenience.

Thursdays noon-1:15pm

(Valued at $1500.)

8-week group coaching program with other ambitious, like-minded moms.


Admission is rolling.


Total Value $5500. Your Investment $1297. 

It’s time for YOU.

  • Leverage all of that hard-earned motherhood wisdom 

  • Unapologetically reclaim a piece for yourself 

  • (Re)discover who you are outside of Mom


Module 0: Smashing the myths of motherhood

Welcome! Getting clear on what’s possible (and it’s all possible). 

Your Badass Breathe Mama Breathe (R)evolution Vision

Permission to rock motherhood and your life.


Module 1: Ban Burnout (Foundation)

Mindful empowerment (BEA) as an antidote to stress and burnout. 

Reviewing the foundation of mindfulness and meditation. 

Completing the stress cycle so it doesn’t finish you.


Module 2: Power in the Pause (Breathe)

Who am I? How have I changed? 

Clarifying your vision.

Identifying strengths and harnessing your amazing body’s brilliance.


Module 3: Get Outta Yo Mind (Empower)

Call out the BS and guilt that’s been holding you back.

Benevolent badass boundaries and confidence.

Diving into your values and purpose outside of motherhood.


Module 4: Make it Happen (Achieve)

Simplifying, Prioritizing, and Goals! Oh my!

Living in your Zone of Genius. 

Designing value-driven goals in action.

Crafting your Life Purpose Statement. 


Module 5: Meaning Outside of Mom (The BEA Upward Spiral)

Harnessing the power of The BEA Upward Spiral of growth and thriving.

Recalibrating balance for life.

Strengthening your tribe. 

Celebrating your Breathe Mama Breathe (R)evolution!

Who am I becoming? 


And this is just the beginning...

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