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Breathe Mama Breathe:
Mini-Mindfulness Course for New Moms
BMB Mini-Mindfulness Course for New Moms

Online course for new moms and moms-to-be.


Discover sanity-saving tools... 

Develop quick daily habits... 

Inhale soothing and strategic advice...

...all from a mom who's been there. 

Not a how-to-care for baby,

but self-care for mom.  

5 bite-sized video modules packed with

calming, empowering mindful breaks..

Watch at your own pace before and/or after your new bundle of joy arrives. 

Only $49.

Gift Certificates Available

What women are saying:

"I really enjoyed this mini course! Most courses are way too long or involved and this was very easy and doable to complete as a mom! As someone who has read quite a few self-care books I still found new and valuable insight! The course had practical tools and ideas that any new mom could incorporate, even in the newborn stage! Taking care of ourselves is one of the best things we can do for our family."  -Beverley M.

“I really enjoyed the mini course. I found myself turning to the practices and mindful breaks in the midst of a tough day when I was struggling to regulate my emotions with my children. This course is great for mamas who are new to mindfulness and “in the thick of it”. Thank you Shonda for this course, as well as your Breathe Mama Breathe book, which provides even more practices and mindful breaks for those who are interested. So helpful during my mothering journey!” - Mickey A.

"I loved the course and thought It was very user-friendly. One of my favorite parts was the mama permission slip, I printed one for myself so that I have a constant reminder that it is okay to care for myself too. I really appreciated your section about mom guilt and releasing our perfectionism. Just hearing from another mom that it’s normal—and also to give ourselves grace and realize good enough is okay—is really refreshing." -Caitlin G.

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