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“Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be?”

Balanced Motherhood was essentially born the day I gave birth to my son, although it took a few months for it to take shape and for me to recognize it. As a second-time mom, I had no delusions about the impending intensity of adding a newborn to our family.

After the first few harrowing weeks with a newborn, once the haze of brutal sleep deprivation subsided, it became clear that a daily thirty minutes was not in my near future. I needed to find a way to stay connected to mindfulness and meditation in a more flexible, manageable way. As the months ticked on, my daily meditation time increased slowly and incrementally, with many stops and starts along the way.

What really sustained me through this time, though, was unearthing small ways to infuse my life with mindfulness. Not only was it was a lifeline when things felt overwhelming, but an approach used to savor the beautiful moments that arose within even the most monotonous of days with a newborn.

Whether first-timers or well-seasoned, moms juggle so many roles – that of mother, daughter, partner, employee, manager outside of or inside the home, friend, nurse, playmate, etc. It is easy to lose sight of ourselves as women and quite challenging to balance all of the roles and expectations placed upon us. Regardless of the unique combination of roles we play, we all are faced with the delicate, often precarious, balance of it all.

Balanced Motherhood is my answer to an ongoing search of how to, as best I can, stay true to my deepest held values while juggling my many roles along the way.

Combining over fifteen years as a therapist, the science and research of Positive Psychology (the science of happiness and well-being) and mindfulness, along with what I have experienced to be true in my own life, Balanced Motherhood offers simple, 5-minute mindfulness practices designed with Busy Moms in mind.

We have all of the answers inside if we simply allow ourselves a bit of time to get quiet, listen, and reconnect to ourselves.

My aim is to teach Busy Moms simple ways to live more mindfully and with increased energy and peace.

As Brene Brown proposes in Daring Greatly, “…the question isn’t so much, ‘Are you parenting the right way?’ as it is: ‘Are you the adult that you want your child to grow up to be?’” (p. 217).

When we are feeling balanced, our families reap the benefits of moms who are thriving and modeling how to live with more presence, gratitude and joy. We need to ask ourselves – what more could we genuinely wish for our children, our families, and ourselves?

Balanced Motherhood: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms Workshop

Sat, Nov. 15th9am- noon $50. Register

Join us or forward this to the Busy Moms in your life.


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