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Do I launch in the midst of a pandemic?

Throughout my career I have pivoted in a number of ways—opening my own psychotherapy practice, teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, writing and promoting books, developing workshops, and speaking. Each and every time I have stretched outside my comfort zone it has felt uncomfortable, even downright scary. Persistent self-doubts appeared: Who are you to [write a book, play bigger, fill in the blank]? What do you have to teach that is original? Are you sure you’re ready?

Fortunately, I have also learned to expect, name, and kindly dismiss this self-defeating chatter, recognizing it as part of the process for nearly everyone. I have applied various methods to counter those convincing limiting beliefs and get on with things, taking one small action step at a time. I have identified my vision, my values, the why behind my work, fully aware that what lights me up is teaching women how to play bigger without burning out and coaching them to create a sustainable work/life balance with simple, doable steps.

My book Breathe, Empower, Achieve is the evidence-based roadmap I have used to shift, play bigger, and boost my confidence, allowing me to reach more women than I had ever dreamed possible. I use the 5-minute practices daily on my path, most recently with my latest venture, an online monthly membership for women called The BEA HIVE.

Back in December I started brainstorming, outlining the steps, creating content, and learning the tech, all in anticipation of a May 1st launch, oblivious, as we all were, to what awaited. As it became clear just how pervasive and formidable COVID-19 was becoming, I seriously considered postponing the launch, taking myself off the hook, and revisiting the idea on the other side of the health crisis. As I read posts online about cutting ourselves a break, letting go of the need to spend this time well or to be productive, I asked myself, is now the right time to launch?

Those typical out-of-my-comfort zone questions, doubts, and limiting beliefs showed up in full force. Am I being insensitive to our current struggles? Who will care to join The BEA HIVE in the midst of a pandemic? Are you sure you’re ready?

So, I did what I always do when faced with an uncertainty. I got quiet, meditated, and connected with my deepest intention for cultivating The BEA HIVE in the first place—to create a virtual community of women all leaning toward incremental growth, support, and self-empowerment; women ready to offer themselves permission to be seen, heard, and valued; eager to create positive change in their lives in a manageable 5-minute a day framework; women yearning for support, accountability, and guidance, as we move toward our own unique picture of success and balance.

Gratefully, in my work with clients, I am gifted with bearing witness to unbelievable resilience and strength. I draw from this, continually buoying my spirits with the reminder that we are so much stronger than we know. Sure, we can feel crushed, scared, overwhelmed AND, yet, simultaneously strong, connected, empowered, grateful to be alive, and called to action, in whatever form that takes. And though I agree we might do well to loosen our expectations and be especially kind to ourselves in the midst of the crisis, I also believe that tiny action steps, mindful breaks, and helpful habits are a vital component to our sanity and ability to thrive.

And so, with a renewed sense of resolve I am ready and excited to embark on this journey. I believe that now, more than ever, we need a strong community of women to grow, stretch, support, and empower one another. Who’s in? Will you join us?

Sign up here to be a Founding Member of The BEA HIVE! Enrollment closes April 25th.


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