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Empowering ourselves with intel

"There is no such thing as perimenopause."  

This unequivocally false proclamation is what an exhausted, hot-flashing forty-something woman was met with when she shared a few of her (quite common perimenopause) symptoms at a recent doctor visit.  


I'm sorry, what?! [Cue the immediate spike in my blood pressure, followed a few seconds later by a deep sigh.]

Unfortunately, not an uncommon scenario. Never fails to seriously frustrate me, nonetheless.This intelligent woman slinked away trusting her physician's presumed expertise and doubting her own experience--just one more woman dismissed, misinformed, and sent on her way without options or validation.I am aware that plenty of otherwise highly competent providers were simply provided little to no menopause training (thankfully, this is slowly changing). 

Which is exactly why we women need to be informed (and share what we know with others) so we can advocate for ourselves and get the care we deserve.

Perimenopause is the transitional time leading up to menopause (when we've had no menstrual cycle for twelve months and our ovaries cease producing estrogen).Given the fact that it can last up to ten years, begin as early as our mid-thirties, and is associated with FORTY possible symptoms, perimenopause is most definitely a thing.

So, if your healthcare provider responds to your perimenopause concerns with the assertions that: 

  • Menopause Hormone Therapy is not safe.

  • You're just doing too much.

  • The only options are to exercise, eat well, get a small fan, and dress in layers.

  • [Some form of] It's all in your head.

  • [Or, dear God] There is no such thing as perimenopause.

RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN......And keep running until you find a provider who listens and offers solutions.

Knowledge is power. But how and where to access reliable intel, you ask? 

I've got a few options for you:

1. Email me back with the subject line Menopause Resource Guide and I will send you the most updated version. 

2. Join Reclaim Midlife Group Program, where this is just the beginning of what we cover. 


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