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Happy New Year! (and choosing your word of the year)

Are you ready for 2020?!

I am energized by the promise, possibilities, and infinitely varied opportunities the New Year brings and have some exciting projects in the works.

I like to take some time at the close of the year to reflect on what I’ve learned, what I’ve loved, and what I’m ready to let go of as we head into 2020.

I also like to land on a word of intention for the year. (I’ve written about my process in Breathe, Empower, Achieve and here.)

What is my word of the year?

2020, for me, calls for something big, so this year I am going with BOLD. defines BOLD as “necessitating courage and daring; challenging; beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative.” Sounds about right to me.

This year I will continue to nudge myself out of my comfort zone not just in action, but also in thought. My intention is to dream bigger, pushing the limits of what seems possible. I want to create a bolder way for women to band together, lift one another up, and level up.

Because it’s difficult to act boldly if we are overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out, I also need to carve out and protect a bit of space in my schedule for some calm, balance, and creative goal setting. I will share the specifics of my plan in a future post.

For today, I encourage you to take a few minutes, sit down, get quiet, and, with pen and paper, riff on your overarching intention for the year. What’s your word for 2020?

Wishing you a Happy New Year! Opportunity lies in front of you, ready for the taking, ripe with possibility. How will you live it to the fullest? Here’s to enjoying the ride!


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