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I’ve been around the block enough times to have heard (or uttered myself) all of the reasons why we can’t create positive change in our lives. 

I’m here to dispel the myths that might be getting in your way so you can join us in The BEA HIVE and get on with leveling up and balancing out in 5-minutes a day.

Myth #1: I’m already so busy. There’s not enough time. 

I am committed to keeping The BEA HIVE content simple, manageable, and flexible, yet packed with research-backed tools. The 5-min practices can easily be incorporated into your full day whenever convenient for you and at your own pace. With mindful empowerment we actually create more time in our schedule by delegating, prioritizing, and stepping off the hamster wheel. We become more efficient and sustain our energy longer. 

Myth #2: I feel guilty for spending money on myself/taking time for myself.

Especially in these stressful times it is vital we put our own oxygen masks on first. If we burn out, what good are we to our family, friends, and colleagues? When we are reasonably well-rested and calm, we are able to meet the world as our best possible selves. Consider this your official permission slip to invest in yourself, rest when needed, and take care of your own needs, all while being ambitious and going after more. 

Myth #3: I have it pretty good right now. Who am I to ask for more out of life?

This is just one of those universal limiting beliefs keeping us stuck and playing small that is addressed in The BEA HIVE. What I say to that? Why NOT you? In The BEA HIVE we talk all about creating your unique definition of success and work-life balance—getting clear on your values and top priorities. The world needs your unique superpowers. You deserve a full, well-lived, well-used life. 

Myth #4: I’m not sure The BEA HIVE is really worth my while.

The 5-minute Mindful Empowerment Pep Talk videos are full of the evidence-based research I have used to shift, play bigger, and boost my confidence, allowing me to reach more women than I’ve ever dreamed possible. You, too, will definitely see progress with just a few minutes a day. The BEA HIVE is so much more than just creating calm. Mindful Empowerment is all about harnessing self-awareness and calm to unleash our superpowers so we continually grow in an upward spiral of purpose and success. It is a monthly membership devoted to growing and supporting ambitious women with completely doable bite-sized practices and action steps.

Myth #5: It’s hard to meet new likeminded friends.

It’s hard to go it alone. We need community, support, and honest feedback. The ability to kindly uncover our blind spots and empower each other to thrive is exactly what I aspire to create in The BEA HIVE.Together we create small, manageable shifts, uncover our blocks, learn from each other, and lift each other up. It’s so much easier to do this in a supportive community and invaluable to know we are not alone by building authentic, deep connections.

Myth #6: I am too overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start.

This is exactly what The BEA HIVE is for—leave the guiding to me! There are 5 Stages of The BEA HIVE Success Path you will move through, starting with just one manageable healthy habit at a time. In our monthly Zoom meetings you can discuss and ask all of your burning questions to keep you moving.

Ready to go?! Sign up HERE Tuesday 10/27/2020 is your last chance to join us until Spring 2021. Are you in?!


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