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The Simple Habit of Highly Successful Titans

 photo by unsplash

photo by unsplash

Success. What does it mean to you?

There are as many diverse definitions of success as there are varied personalities. For some, success equals financial prosperity; for others, a purpose in life or a hearty social circle; still others’ idea of success amounts to keeping the kids alive, fed, and reasonably clothed for the day.

For Tim Ferriss, best-selling author, success can be divided into categories of healthy, wealthy, and wise. In his most recent book, The Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers, he shares replicable tips and tactics from dozens of highly successful people. It is a fun, intimate look into the thought processes, habits, and motivations of some fascinating folks.

Now, can you guess what, according to Ferriss, is the most consistent pattern for those interviewed in the book? Yep, a daily meditation practice. In fact, 80% of the world-class performers interviewed in his book regularly meditate or practice mindfulness. Whether you view this statistic as causal or correlational, it is certainly significant and not at all surprising.

Regular meditation helps our busy minds settle. A snow globe is a great analogy. When we are stressed and overwhelmed, our minds are like the snow globe after it is vigorously shaken —impossible to see clearly through the scattered flakes. When we take a few breaths and allow our bodies to calm a bit, it is the snow globe equivalent to the flakes settling to the bottom. The stressors haven’t disappeared, but we now have a clearer perspective, allowing for more creative thought, enhanced problem solving, and reconnecting with what most matters as the unimportant falls away.

It would therefore make sense that creative, ambitious, successful folks have incorporated meditation into their daily lives. And although I am personally aware of the many benefits of mindfulness, it is always awesome to see how it enhances others’ natural talents, productivity, and possibilities.

Ferriss shares his previous fear that meditation might cause him to lose his edge. After giving it a try, though, he explains, “…meditation simply helps you channel drive toward the few things that matter, rather than every moving target and imaginary opponent that pops up.” He goes on to write, “Done consistently, my reward for meditating is getting 30% to 50% more done in a day with 50% less stress.”

Regardless of your interpretation of success, who wouldn’t want some of that?

Meditation is simple but not always easy. It is most helpful when getting started to have a voice guiding you. Visit my website, sign up for my email list, and I will send you a 5-minute guided meditation (along with a guided Coffee Mindful Break and Mindfulog to track your practice). You can also visit my resource page for links to other helpful guided meditations.

Read more about how to practice mindfulness here.

And if you are local, join me this Tuesday for a panel talk: STRESSED? The Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Women’s Business Council presents Mindful Living at Lehigh Country Club.


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