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This one's for the Mamas

Hey, Mama, I’m talking to you right now—especially those of you with young ones requiring round-the-clock time, energy, and and attention. Are we smack dab in the thick of it or what? Homeschooling, meals, snacks, spills, negotiating conflict—perhaps even while attempting to work from home, all while keeping the existential angst and pervasive anxiety in (reasonable) check. Our superpowers are surely being put to the test as we ride this roller coaster of emotions and togetherness.

From moments of uplift, confident that we just might have a handle on our current new normal, to moments of utter defeat, yearning to give up or, at least, give in, it feels like motherhood magnified. And I suppose, in some ways, it is.

I wrote Breathe, Mama, Breathe primarily for us moms in the trenches with little ones (I was right there, too)—to help not just survive, but thrive, in motherhood, by creating calm, connection, and contentment with 5-minute mindful breaks.

Later, when my little guy went off to school and my schedule opened up a bit, I found myself drawn to helping women unleash their superpowers beyond motherhood because I wholeheartedly believe we can be devoted moms while we model the importance of our own interests, ambition, and hard work.

The BEA HIVE is a perfect community for you Mamas ready to rediscover: Who am I outside of mom? What is my purpose? How can I explore those interests that are just for me? How do I want my life to look down the road? What small steps can I take right now to move me toward that vision?

In my psychotherapy and coaching practice, with Breathe, Empower, Achieve, and now with The BEA HIVE, I am all about empowering women to step off the hamster wheel of busyness and create life balance so we can unleash our capacity for greatness on the world, whatever that means to each of us.

You definitely do not need to be a mom to join The BEA HIVE. Our online monthly membership is open to ALL women ready to level up and balance out in 5-minutes a day. So, whether you are ready to embark on that side hustle, are exploring what’s next, or have already created your dream career but are desperate for balance, The BEA HIVE will help you find calm, boost confidence, and achieve those goals and dreams. Come join us! Apply to be a BEA HIVE Founding Member today.


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