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What Beyonce knows about these female leaders...

I am always fascinated to get a sneak peek into the realities of others’ daily life, how about you?

Imagine back to last year, diligently working in the field of infectious disease, cruising along, your daily life full, yet quite balanced… And then—BAM—waking up one morning to the onslaught of COVID….

Life as you know it turned upside down. Attempting to make sense of information that changes by the hour. Colleagues, patients, and the community-at-large looking to YOU for answers, relief, a sense of stability and calm.

No doubt COVID has affected us all. Each one of us has been required to commit daily acts of courage and resilience—those on the front lines of the COVID response most of all.

In this uplifting virtual event sponsored by WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) and The DaVinci Science Center, two powerhouse physician leaders in the field of infectious disease share their experiences and what gets them through.

Inspired by their stories and continued tireless service, I share 3 Mindful Empowerment Tips we can all use to cope when needed and to thrive when possible.

Who runs the world? Girls!

[That’s right, Beyonce, brilliant women are behind the scenes, leading the charge.]

What tips have you used to get you through and lift yourself up?


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