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What is Balanced Motherhood?

Busy Moms often feel as if they are sprinting through their lives, crashing onto the pillow at the end of the day, only to repeat this exhausting pace day after day. This need not be the case. There is an easy way to live with more balance while creating joyful lives for ourselves and our families.

Busy Moms are sometimes reluctant to carve out the 5 minutes it takes to meditate, entrenched in a belief that they simply do not have the time, asking, “Why should I take even five precious minutes and add this to my list?” When we continue to go through the motions in the same habitual way day after day, it is often nearly impossible to see in a more clear, relaxed way that there may be very subtle, very simple adjustments we can make that can set off a huge, positive ripple effect. Five minutes is enough time to help us stop and see how we are living our lives and examine what is working and what is not.

Lest I sound like a saleswoman, perhaps I am. I believe in this. I believe in the power of five daily minutes of mindfulness meditations to create more calm, energy and joy in your life.

Mothering is one long marathon – filled with the agony and ecstasy, the up-hills, the down-hills, and hopefully lots of love-induced highs. Too often, though, we treat it as a run-for-your-life sprint, or, perhaps, a relentless race on a never-ending treadmill of busyness.

Balanced Motherhood 5-Minute Mindfulness builds up your marathon mama mindfulness muscle in the much the same way runners train for a marathon. Simply practice five minutes of meditation daily. After one week of daily practice, you choose one day per week as your long sit, gradually increasing the time you meditate, starting with five minutes and building up to anywhere from 15-45 minutes at one time. This allows for a flexible, attainable structure while encouraging you to incorporate your mindfulness practice into all other aspects of your life. There are many wonderful mindfulness meditation programs out there if you wish to dive into a serious practice from the start. I have found, though, that Busy Moms need a practice they can fit comfortably into full lives. The five minute meditations do just this. The increasingly longer meditation practice is designed to give you the experience of a lengthier practice, allowing our thoughts and bodies to settle a bit more deeply. The benefits of the longer practice tend to stick around a bit longer, supporting a more mindful, sustainable pace in our days.

Find Calm Amidst the Chaos: Learn simple mindfulness meditation practices even the busiest mom can complete. By incorporating five minutes of mindfulness meditation into your day you will begin to see that you have more choices in how you live, and at what speed. From this stillness, as well as through simple, thought-provoking Invitations, insight into what really matters helps us identify our most deeply held values, guiding our daily moments in a more calm, connected and balanced way.

Lighten the Load: Clarify what best to add, subtract, and divide in your days. Design goals broken down into no-fail action steps. Become more assertive, self-compassionate and courageous. Know when to delegate, when to say no, and when to let go of the Mommy Guilt.

Enjoy the Ride: Learn how to shift your perspective and multiply the joy by noticing what is already here, savoring it, and practicing gratitude regularly.

Balanced Motherhood: 5-Minute Mindfulness for Busy Moms Workshop

Sat, Nov. 15th9am- noon $50. Register

Join us or forward this to the Busy Moms in your life.


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