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2024's Word of the Year

In my little world, the holidays brought with them some ups and downs—the typical winter viruses making their way through the family and a health scare with my daughter that, thankfully, has turned out fine. 

The greatest up has been having my daughter and her British partner home from their studies in England—a full, happy house in hibernation mode. It’s been restful and much-needed to pull back from social media and the outside world. 

I’m now refreshed and excited to dive head first into 2024—here we go!

I began choosing a word of the year back in 2015 (with a few missed in between). I find it to be a simple reminder to check in with myself, stay grounded, and course correct if needed, throughout the year.   

Previous words-of-the-year:

2015 Balance 

2016 [?]

2017 Love

2018 Empower

2019 Growth

2020 Bold

2021 Soar

2022 [  ]

2023… Simplify

For 2024 I played around with a few words and landed on ALIGNMENT. 

Reflecting on this word causes me to automatically drop my shoulders and breathe a bit more deeply. That’s how I know I’m onto something.

An official definition of ALIGNMENT is a proper adjustment of components; a state of agreement or cooperation with a common cause or viewpoint. 

When I think of ALIGNMENT, it is all about staying on course with my values, priorities, goals, and greater vision. It covers all the bases—physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. 

Whether professional or personal in scope, checking in with my ALIGNMENT means my actions match up with what matters most to me. And that’s what it’s all about.


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