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Are you in?

I am looking for a few ambitious female Coaches, Therapists, or Health Professionals to partner with me in my brand new Beta Intensive SIP Group Program.

If you are ready to take that book, workshop, or keynote from idea to reality, this is your sign and I’d love to have you.

What’s included:

4 weekly group coaching calls—Wednesdays noon-1p EST March 2nd-23rd 2022

60 min 1-1 Private Brainstorming Session with Shonda (Week 2)

Worksheets (Complete at your own pace)

Because we will be learning together, I am offering this special Beta Intensive SIP Group Program at a deeply discounted rate of $275. My ask of participants is for their honest feedback along the way.

You will walk away from our 4 weeks together with clarity, focus, and a detailed SIP plan that you can implement with energy going forward.

What is a SIP = Signature Impact Project = that burning book, keynote, or workshop idea you’ve tossed around in your mind, talked about for years, or started but never finished.

A Signature Impact Project transforms your unique experience, knowledge, and career sweat equity into a book, keynote, or workshop.

WHY create your own Signature Impact Project (SIP):

Captures your thought leadership, establishing you as an authority in your field

Creates a tangible legacy and opens doors

Boosts your impact, autonomy, and bank account

Enables you to serve more people with less time and effort

The joy of eventually birthing that long-gestating creative baby of yours

Weekly coaching call content:

Session 1:

Pause and Assess—Getting clear on our values and intentions so we are operating from a place of calm wisdom, rather than scarcity and fear.

Harness Your Expertise—What is your unique vision, area of expertise, Zone of Genius, and niche?

Session 2:

Designing Your Signature Impact Project (SIP) Book, workshop, keynote? Diving deep into your topic.

**This week also includes 60 min 1-1 Private Brainstorming Session with Shonda

Session 3:

Getting it Done—Breaking down the overwhelming steps into manageable micro-action steps.

Session 4:

Mindset Barriers—Typical creative mind drama…What to expect and how to manage it.

Staying the Course—Designing accountability, growing your network, and next steps.

This is for you if you are a Coach, Therapist, or Health Professional and have an established specialty area (or areas), need help brainstorming, narrowing down your ideas, designing a framework, specific guidance, and accountability.

Due to the condensed nature of the Beta Intensive, you may not complete your SIP during our 4 weeks together. You WILL, however, craft a clear SIP plan and be on your way!

Questions? Email me or book a call:

Because I want to give special individualized attention, I am limiting the number of participants, so don’t wait to sign up.

If you are a YES, SIGN UP HERE.


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