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Is The BEA HIVE right for you?

I am so excited to bring Kate Crocco to The BEA HIVE as the first month’s guest interview! Kate is a Confidence and Mindset Coach and author of Thinking Like a Boss: Uncover and Overcome the Lies Holding You Back from Success. Our interview is packed with actionable advice, personal challenges, and simple shifts you can use to immediately boost your confidence.

Since there seems to be an infinite amount of programs, courses, and memberships available out there, I wanted to offer up some specifics about The BEA HIVE so you can decide if our monthly online community is the right fit for you.

Much like my books, I am committed to keeping the content simple, manageable, flexible, yet packed with evidence-based tools. As a Founding Member you will access the videos, guest interviews, worksheets, and coaching prompts through a one-click link (Vimeo OTT is the host) at your convenience. We will meet live one hour a month in our private BEA HIVE Facebook group, though if you can’t make it, this will be recorded, as well. This will also serve as a forum for us to connect, share, and support one another on a regular basis.

EACH MONTH you can expect:

Bi-Weekly 5-Minute Mindful-Empowerment Pep Talk Videos—a mix of educational, actionable coaching prompts and mindful breaks.

Guest Interview (20 min)—a sneak peek into the lives of other empowered women, full of tips and tools.

One-hour Live Q&A with Shonda—recorded so you can watch anytime - but we’d love for you to join us live!

Ongoing community—support and engagement in a private Facebook group.

Weekly Worksheets—coaching prompts, accountability trackers, etc.

The first three monthly topics are:

MONTH 1: Power of Awareness (Breathe)

We need to carve out small bits of time in our day to calm our brain and nervous system, create space, and cultivate awareness before we can take on the world.

MONTH 2: Establishing healthy habits that stick

Laying the foundation of balance with a daily 5-minute guided meditation habit. Ramping up self-compassionate change.

MONTH 3: Empowering Ourselves

Uncovering and overcoming our self-imposed barriers. Boosting confidence, assertiveness, self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

I will be reaching out to Founding Members periodically to find out what is working well, what is not, and any topics you’d like me to cover. I want to make sure our members are getting what they need and then some. Feel free to reach out with any questions. We’d love for you to join us! Sign up here.


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