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Making sense of it all

Our complex human brains are typically not fans of chaos. In psychology, we call the natural inclination to categorize, organize, and give meaning to our experience “sense-making.”

For the past year or two in my career, I have gone a bit rogue on my poor brain—instead of a methodical, stay-in-my-own lane approach, I have followed my energy, excitement, and curiosity in choosing work pursuits.

More of a why not? bent versus a how the hell does that make sense? one.

Podcast Host, Impact Coach, Therapreneur, Group Hike Fundraising Coordinator, Therapist, Speaker, Author.

Though each carefully chosen in their own right, the various offerings felt disjointed and discordant in how they related to one another. This has, at times, driven my sense-making-craving brain a bit bananas. My brain desperately begged me to make sense of all the whiplash-inducing directions.

Eventually, I relented. Some deliberate pausing, deep reflection, and inquiring—what is the through-thread here?—resulted in what, in retrospect of course, is an obvious answer:

It’s all about helping women create strategic impact without burning out in the process.

I want women to break through barriers that are holding them back—overwhelm, stress, time starvation, lack of clarity—so that they can live full, engaged lives. When we women are operating at our best, everyone wins—our families, friends, colleagues, the world.

This, of course, looks different during various seasons of our lives: new career, motherhood, balancing the two, launching kids, exploring what’s next—each requiring a steady recalibration of values, aspirations, and balance.

There are seasons that demand ambition, drive, and grit; while others beg permission to slow down and rest on our laurels for a while.

My brain has happily categorized how I aim to serve women throughout their ever-evolving seasons and landed on this:

1. Helping moms not just survive, but thrive in the trenches with little ones:

2. Helping high-achievers play big while banishing burnout:

3. Helping therapists boost their impact, autonomy, and bank account by creating a Signature Impact Project (book, podcast, online course) rooted in their area of expertise:

4. Providing therapy for a handful of established clients who keep me engaged in the modality I have loved for over two decades. Private Practice.

Rather than causing burnout out, the variety fuels my energy, creativity, and productivity. And now that I’ve made sense of it all (for now), my brain can relax(ish) and simply enjoy the ride.

If you can relate to my struggle, set up a clarity call to see how I might support you in getting unstuck. Your brain will thank you.


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