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It’s Q&A Time: A new interview series and my chat with The Morning Call

I am pleased to announce a brand new Q&A series on my blog. I gathered some awesome empowered women and asked them to share answers to questions I would want to know (and guessed you might, too). Sign up for my email list — you won’t want to miss it. Get ready to grab a cup of tea and learn from wise, inspiring women — the Q&A starts soon!

I also had the privilege of my own interview with The Morning Call Career Corner, where I discuss Women’s Mindful Leadership and The Native Society, where I share personal insights on their Positive Perspective Platform for Inspiring Thought Leadership.


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One Mindful Tribe: Empowered Women’s Leadership for Business and Home

Through my mindfulness work with women — moms in the trenches with little ones, leaders in the business world, artists honing their crafts — I have come to appreciate that we all share similar struggles regardless of life phase or occupation. We all profit from mindful awareness, learning to be authentic, empowering ourselves and our voices, and uncovering the power to lead. Whether managing a corporation or a household, mindful leadership teaches us how to be the best possible version of ourselves — benefitting our families, our businesses, and the world.

One Mindful Tribe: Because we are all in it together.


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