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Oh, the waiting is the hardest part (and a FREE interview series!)

After months of intense writing on my beloved treadmill desk, I gladly submitted my book manuscript, though it was quite an anticlimactic moment: Send…. Silence…. Yay, me? You’d think my trusty old MacBook would’ve at least had the courtesy to offer up a hearty round of applause. Instead, I was left with a mix of relief, pride, sense of accomplishment, and great hope that it is well-received by my editor and agent (who, thankfully, did both respond enthusiastically upon its delivery).

For the next few weeks I wait. And wait. And wait for their feedback and hope that they find it as helpful, informative, and engaging as my intentions were in creating it. The silence is deafening while I diligently practice patience (not my greatest virtue).

The upside: free time! I now find myself with open hours that were consumed, over the last few months, if not with the actual writing itself, with pondering when or what I would write. Now it’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Marie Kondo (which prompted the tidying of my closet), meeting up with new and old friends, chatting more leisurely with my husband, and connecting empowered women with each other (a favorite aspect of my work), all while intentionally maintaining some open space in the schedule.

Like Marie Kondo, I strive to intentionally assess what “sparks joy” in my life and keep, or add more of, that, while whittling out what doesn’t. I encourage you to do the same. Pay attention to what lights you up, what energizes and inspires you. Go get more of that.

There are, of course, necessary life responsibilities that are not joy sparkers. For those, we can gently shift our perspective from an I have to to an I get to mindset. I get to take on this work responsibility, I get to care for this ailing loved one, I get to grow and learn from this challenging colleague. I get to relish this free time while I wait for word from my editor. Be deliberate about how and with whom you spend your time. Meet life with an I get to attitude. If you come with an open mind, it works wonders.

As part of my work, I get to (this was always an I get to) collaborate with amazing people who are coaching others to live mindful, joyful, courageous, and abundant lives. Maria Aleandra, the creator of Rock Your Life is one such woman.

When she reached out to me about her Rock Your Life interview series, her contagious positive attitude and energy sparked mine. I am proud to have my interview featured along with over twenty other empowered women. These are real conversations, all designed to inspire, encourage and empower you to Rock Your Life.

When you sign up for this FREE event, you’ll get access the series hosted by Maria Aleandra. We cover everything from mindfulness, confidence, inner power, self-care and courage, to living with passion and purpose. You’ll get useful tips and strategies plus tons of support for you and your dreams. This interview was so much fun, I’m excited to share it with you!

Rock Your Life kicks off February 4th. Make sure to click below to reserve your spot today.

PS: Share with your friends and spread the word!


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