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One Mindful Tribe: An Interview with Dena Farash

The lowdown:

Dena is a mom, the founder of The Mindful Mom Revolution, energy healer and speaker. Her mission is to empower moms to do inner work on themselves to feel healed and whole by means of meditation and mindfulness. She does this by being transparent in her own life and mothering journey; talking about the great and the moments that may have not been so great. Motherhood is raw and real, and Dena teaches how to navigate the emotional coaster that can come with being a Mom, with grace and compassion, and a dose of unapologetic self-care!

She is a leader of women who want to transform their motherhood journeys through mind, body, and soul work. She has worked with hundreds of mothers and has helped them to reconnect with who and how they show up as an individual. She has over ten years of helping women and five years’ experience dedicated to solely working with mothers to bring about positive change in their lives and, by proxy, the lives of their families.

What does “empower” mean to you?

The word empower: what a good question! I believe that to empower means to help others with your story and your words. To feel empowered is to connect with you inner knowing that verifies for you that you are doing the right thing to unearth your authentic self!

In what ways do I empower myself and others?

I empower myself daily through my meditation, affirmations, journaling, and connecting to my inner knowing that guides me down my path. I empower others by being open, honest, and sharing my story.

What is your favorite way to be mindful?

To have my feet on the earth

Go To Phrases to empower myself?

“I step into my greatness. I step into my power. I step into my success.”

Role Models:

Women inspire me daily. Hearing of jaw-dropping stories of women and mothers who create their world around them is a huge inspiration! Also hearing women talk about wins, big and small, inspires me.

My superpower:

People like me.

Advice to someone starting out:

Don’t lose sight of the fact that this work is all about helping others.

How do I deal with fear?

Not in the best ways! I tend to sabotage myself or my emotional state in some way. BUT, the beauty of this journey is that I’m recognizing and healing myself to change these patterns when they emerge!

My favorite day:

Beautiful weather, crisp but warm air, spending time next to my husband and with my kids with no sense of schedule of anywhere to ‘be.’

What does my future self want me to know?

That I had it within me all along.

My morning ritual:

Alarm goes off at 5:15. (most days) I say a prayer while still lying in bed then roll out of bed and onto my meditation pillow. I may grab some crystals and tune in to my guides for the mantra or focus for my day. When I’m done with my meditation, I usually exit my bedroom to one child on the couch…my opportunity to grab some baby/mama love!

Life Changing Books:

The Great Work of Your Life. The Universe has Your Back. The Conscious Parent.

What thrills me the most?

Creating and being in my community at The Mindful Mom Revolution!

Favorite Quote:

Not sure I have just one!!

Mistake/Failure that turned out to be good fortune:

The unplanned pregnancy and birth of my son. His birth threw me into my mission of creating my best self, and placed me on this path of connecting and sharing with other Mindful Moms worldwide!

Visit to read more about Dena and her work.

Thank you, Dena, for taking the time to share your wisdom with us!


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