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Want in on my birthday wish?

Today is my birthday**—a day of reflection, celebration, and utter disbelief at the number of candles perched atop my homemade dark chocolate cake.

For me, this annual milestone increasingly ushers in a keen awareness of just how quickly time advances, and with it, a strong compulsion to spend it intentionally and well.

Essentially, I want my time to matter. I want it to be purposeful.

Purpose gives our lives meaning. A process, rather than a destination, purpose is what we are meant to accomplish, the gifts we bring to the world, what we feel called to do. Not necessarily found in a career, purpose is something toward which we are intentionally striving—the kind of person we want to be or the sort of lives we want to live.

Which brings me to my work. It is purposeful. Plain and simple, I love it. I am energized by the community of people with whom I engage, the content I create, and the projects in which I am involved.

This wasn’t always the case. Though I’ve mostly been on the right meandering track throughout my career, I have also experienced periods of discontent and boredom, of wanting more but unsure about exactly what that meant.

To shake off the lackluster, uncomfortable ennui, I set out to discover a deeper sense of fulfillment and engagement. I learned to pay close attention, deliberately follow my curiosity, take (measured) risks, experiment, and take action before I feel 100% ready.

I have put in the work to uncover my purpose and clarify my mission—that of empowering women to unleash their superpowers without burning out in the process.

And here is why—I have watched too many bright women live uninspired, reaching their later years wishing they had taken a chance, stepped out of their comfort zones, nurtured something just for themselves, and uncovered deeper meaning.

Many of us struggle to identify our purpose. Some of us recognized it long ago but have moved away from, ignored, or denied it, burying it among the countless daily responsibilities of adulthood.

Until we wake up one morning and wonder, who am I and what the hell happened to my mojo?

This is especially true for moms who find themselves disappointed and totally surprised that motherhood itself does not fill them up the way they had imagined. They crave more, yet feel guilty for the admission.

If this is you, please hear this: It is perfectly normal—fantastic even—to want more.

Motherhood teaches us to think on the fly, go with the flow, let go of perfectionism, dig deep, and manage to be everything to everyone on little to no sleep.

We are a tough, wise bunch—and the world suffers when we hold back our varied talents, interests, passions, compassion, our grit.

When we are fulfilled and engaged, the infectious energy seeps directly into our homes while we happily model a full, purposeful life for our children.

This is how it’s done, kids.

And this is what I want for you—I want you to reclaim your mojo.

Diving into your purpose and reigniting your mojo is just a piece of what we explore in our Breathe Mama Breathe (R)evolution online group coaching program. I’d love to see you there.

And so, tonight, with a deep exhale, as I attempt to extinguish the raging fire of candles threatening to set my birthday cake ablaze, my wish will be an invitation of sorts to you:

Make this the year you prioritize and invest in yourself. Uncover what lights you up, what infuses your life with deep meaning, and ultimately, creates a well-lived, purposeful life that matters.

Join me for a (R)evolutionyours.


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