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Drowning in Chocolate?

 jennifer pallian/unsplash

jennifer pallian/unsplash

The months of Many and June are replete not only with blissfully longer days, but often with full schedules as well: graduations, proms, end-of-school-year celebrations, outdoor parties, and various sporting events. With so much of the good stuff happening at once, we can easily descend into an unconscious state of automatic pilot, losing sight of the fortunate nature of all the busyness. As author Dan Harris aptly describes, it’s analogous to “drowning in chocolate;” loving everything you do, but feeling overwhelmed nevertheless.

A lovely “problem” to have, I realize. Eventually we all face our challenges, a time when we would give anything to be “drowning in chocolate.” I am certainly not judging, as we all fall prey to it. This is simply a friendly reminder (for myself as well as for you) to pause, breathe, and take time to recognize the abundance so you can savor the precious memories with mindfulness.

So, when you find yourself spinning out on your wealth of champagne problems there is no need to self-flagellate. Rather, this is the perfect opportunity to be mindful of the ease, the wonderful, the overabundance of “chocolate” in your life right now, and simply bask in the gratitude:

  1. Take a few deep breaths to calm the body and thoughts.

  2. Bring attention to body sensations (relaxed muscles, a smile, a lightness in the chest), emotions (pride, happiness, contentment), and thoughts in order to savor, remember, and later recall the moment in its fullness.

  3. Reconnect with gratitude.

  4. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to savor. Repeat.

A few more things:

I had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah Bagley on her podcast: Shonda Moralis on Mindfulness for Moms (and Everyone Else!)

Check out my brand-new speaker highlight reel here. (courtesy of the fantastic Countess Communications team)

Summer is a great time to begin a daily mindfulness practice. Read more about learning to meditate here.


Want to improve your workplace culture? Create a happier, more engaged, innovative, and creative team?

Maybe it’s time to hop on the mindfulness bandwagon and see why Google, Apple, IBM and General Motors teach mindfulness as a vital component of their employee wellness programs.

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