How to Minimize Those Winter Blues

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How are you feeling about winter, right about now? Many of us in the Northeast are struggling with the winter doldrums, as the sun has made only a rare appearance. What about shaking things up a bit with a simple, healthy challenge? Not your typical clean-eating or 20 push-ups-daily challenge, but a 7-day mindful break challenge?

Mindful breaks are opportunities and reminders to pause and bring your full attention to the present moment at any point in the day (read more here). Instead of distractedly running through the endless to-do list in the shower or multi-tasking at a frantic speed, we become more keenly aware of the moment, which changes everything — from the feel of the pace, to our general level of gratitude.

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Laura over at has invited her readers to take the Breathe, Mama, Breathe challenge with her, selecting one mindful break for the week. She writes about how, as a mom to two toddlers, practicing the Waking with Gratitude Mindful Break “sounds so simple, and it is, but this little mindful break has had a very positive impact on my day and I think it will for you too!”

Breathe, Mama, Breathe shares 65 mindful breaks from which to choose. I invite you to sprinkle them throughout your day and see what happens.

If you’re local, come on out to Let’s Play Books in Emmaus to hear more about mindfulness and Breathe, Mama, Breathe Saturday, February 18th 4-5:30pm.



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