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Why I'm returning to my roots

If you’ve been in my orbit over the past few years, you’ll have noticed numerous therapreneurial endeavors in full force. (I’ve shared my sometimes overwhelming love of envisioning new ideas and seeing them to fruition here.)

All involve my lifelong passion of helping others; most center around empowering women to live fully and in (relative) balance.

Slowly, progressively, as I’ve followed my curiosity and learned and erred and succeeded and grown, I have found my way back to the Breathe Mama Breathe enterprise of supporting moms in the trenches with little ones. I have come to realize that RIGHT HERE is precisely where I want to be.

As recently as last year, this would have seemed an unwelcome regression. Now, however, I feel like a seeker, having gone off to gather knowledge and explore the world, returning to her roots with renewed energy, wisdom, and experience. Essentially, it feels like home.

As these things go, it’s obvious in hindsight that I would return to Breathe Mama Breathe, the work I began nearly a decade ago and that continues to resonate with moms all over the world.

There’s been a confluence of factors bringing me home, each playing an important role:

A universal need. The real, unequivocal, perennial need for motherhood survival tools and simple practices. I can’t tell you how many times moms of older kids have said to me, If only I had known about this when my kids were little. To be able to access calm, recalibrate balance, hang on to our sanity, and actually enjoy the journey through motherhood while becoming the best version of ourselves—who doesn’t want (and need) that?

I’ve been there (and am still there). As Mom to a 20 and 10yo, being part of a greater community of moms, including those whose work supports moms, comes naturally to me. We all need compassionate support and engagement from those who really get it.

I’ve learned a thing or two. Twenty-five years of personal and professional practice in teaching/coaching/writing/therapy has afforded me plenty of hard-earned wisdom and expertise.

A shifting phase in my motherhood evolution. Though I still have a fifth-grader at home, I am also experiencing empty nest as my daughter navigates both senior year of college and what’s next. I am nowhere near ready for grandchildren, yet the possibility of a future in which they exist is moving into sharper focus—a definitive shift in parenting a young adult versus a teen. Imagining my daughter down the road as a mother herself hits me hard in the most tender, vulnerable places in my heart. Every mom is, of course, also someone’s daughter. Mentorship deeply resonates.

Contribution matters. As I venture into this new, evolving phase of life—I consider myself midlife but dang, when I do the math I’ll need to be trucking along well into triple digits (I should be so lucky)—I am becoming more aware of what sort of legacy I want to leave on my small piece of the planet. Helping moms take care of themselves so they have the wherewithal to raise good humans (as my friend Hunter Clarke-Fields’ book of the same name espouses) feels profoundly important and right.

The culmination….

for moms of little ones.

We begin in just a few weeks. Ready to join us?

Learn more about BMB Group Coaching Program HERE.

**Initially, my plan was to wait until 2023 to officially launch, but I couldn’t wait. I am just too excited and raring to go. Therefore, this is the first and only time I will be offering BMB in this highly-discounted format. Spaces are limited. Apply today.**


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