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Keeping it simple

How is life treating you these days?

The common refrain I’m hearing is the near-constant cycling through various fun viruses. My house has been no different.

And so I am a bit behind in sharing my word of the year for 2023, but here we are. Though I haven’t written about it until now, I have been keeping it front and center in my mind throughout these gray, chilly January weeks.

I began choosing a word of the year back in 2015, with a few missed in between:

2015 Balance

2016 [??]

2017 Love

2018 Empower

2019 Growth

2020 Bold

2021 Soar

2022 [ ]

And for 2023… SIMPLIFY

In early January, I played around with a few words but simplify had the perfect felt sense. Just thinking about the word causes me to automatically drop my shoulders and breathe a bit more deeply. That’s how I know I’m onto something.


Warren Buffet said, There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.

The more I observed myself the more I realized I succumb to said perverse human characteristic on the regular. (Warren, get out of my head!)

I’ve spent the past few years experimenting with various therapreneurial endeavors (and having a blast, I might add) and now am excited and ready to circle back to my first love of supporting moms.

What SIMPLIFY means to me is focusing deeply on a small number of work projects—my BMB 6- week Group Coaching Program and connecting with others serving moms in the brand new Business of Motherhood Roundtables.

SIMPLIFY means letting go of some beloved projects, including selling Therapeutic Perspective Podcast. As expected, Sarah and I are feeling the bittersweetness that comes with saying goodbye. (If you are a fan, it will continue on in the capable hands of therapist Lisa Savinon. Keep tuning in!)

It means whittling it down to what most matters to me and not over-complicating it, as Warren so astutely pointed out.

SIMPLIFY means regularly asking myself,

How do I make this as easy as possible while preserving steadfast value and integrity?

How’s it going with your word of year?

What’s going well? What are you challenged by?

Do respond and let me know!

I promise to keep my response simple :)


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